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AleXa (알렉사) – 'TATTOO' (타투) Official MV
Emily Mei (feat. Sorn & Amber Liu) – My Domain | Official Music Video (Episode 1)
WOOSUNG (김우성) – CWS (feat. BM of KARD) | Official Visualizer
WOOSUNG (김우성) – Lazy (feat. Reddy) | Official Video
Nick Nayersina - Bonnie and Clyde (Official Music Video)
JP Saxe ft Julia Michaels - If The World Was Ending - Choreography by Erica Klein
Alexis Ren - "Heavy" - Kiana Ledé
[MV] 미아(Mia) - 오르골
Тина Кароль / Tina Karol— Вабити (Official Video)
Arden Cho - GOOD GOODBYE (Official Music Video)
KEVIN WOO 'RIDE ALONG' (English Version) Performance Video
JUN 'Hold it Down" Official MV
[MV] HIGH4 20 _ HookGA(Hook가) (Feat. HWASA(화사) Of MAMAMOO(마마무))
Sound & Color / An Earth Day dance short by Keone & Mari x Mega Media
Aaliyah by Xyrena: The Official Tribute Fragrance (Official Commercial)
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