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Los Angeles

New York City

South Florida


  • Creative Development

  • Creative Consulting

  • Packaging

  • Treatment Outlines

  • Pitch Presentations

  • Principal Photography (Physical Production)

  • Budget Estimates

  • Location Scouting

  • Crewing (camera, lighting, make-up & hair, wardrobe, set design, art, sound, city permitting, catering, insurance)

  • Production types such as: Print, Photography, Videography, Commercial, Music Video, Film, Digital, New Media, etc. 

  • Post-Producing (VFX, titles, picture editor, color, distribution)


  • Pitching cast ideas

  • Checking avails

  • Media management

  • Talent offers

  • Arranging and conducting pre-reads, callbacks, talent-director meetings

  • Self-taping

  • Cast status list management

  • Creating deal memos & cast lists

  • SAG-AFTRA Station 12 clearance

  • Booking contracts


  • Independent project development

  • Primary clients include artists, multi-hyphenates, performers, influencers, creative directors, and writers

  • Talent development

  • Career management

  • Private consulting

  • Developing content pitches

  • Launching and establishing brands

  • Supporting clients and projects through achieving global success and commercial accomplishments

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